Thank you for coming to my page and seeing what I am all about, and seeing what is new in my world … I have been internationally published, I’ve travelled a lot of the world and have owned small companies … and have done just about everything in the model world that this industry has to offer. Well … mostly everything.

I am a free spirit, creative, and lover of all people, and am very focused on pursuing my dreams, as everyone should be doing 🙂

I have many talents, as time goes on I will start showcasing to the world, and I love to collaborate with creative minds … spreading the joy and art of life all around <3

I am currently living in Los Angeles (from Vancouver, BC, Canada) to try to make things happen for me … I am taking acting classes at the Acting Corps late November, and will be starting video reels and such very soon!

5’11”, 140lbs, 36C,25,37 and the age I will keep anonymous … 😛

I am also creating a couple different APP ideas currently, and am networking the fullest out of this city … So if you have an idea or a suggestion or an opinion, don’t ever hesitate to ask. I love being enlightened and informed!! 😉

In the one week I shot 7 different photographers, I got in 3 different magazines … Took a little break since then to focus on other things that are of importance. At least I know I can get things done and make things happen here.

Here they are …

Kaboom Magazine
Model · Los Angeles, California


SKYN Magazine
Model · Los Angeles, California


Model · Los Angeles, California